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Jesus Molano

Web Developer

About me

I'm a 28 year old guy from Tenerife🏝️ passionate about web development, videogames and good cinema. I've always been interested in the IT world although some time ago I was dedicated to explosives, among other things, as a soldier🪖 in BZAPXVI in Las Palmas.

I consider myself to be loyal, committed to what I set out to do and always give the best of myself. I love to keep learning new things and keep growing as a professional and as a person.

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These are the technologies that I have learned and used to a greater or lesser extent. I tend to focus a lot on the frontend, but I can do backend without problems.


  • JavaScript JavaScript
  • TypeScript TypeScript
  • React React
  • Redux Redux
  • React Router React Router
  • Vue Vue
  • Astro Astro
  • Cypress Cypress
  • TailwindCSS TailwindCSS
  • Bootstrap Bootstrap
  • Material UI Material UI
  • Sass Sass


  • NodeJS NodeJS
  • Express Express
  • Php Php
  • Mongoose Mongoose
  • Firebase Firebase

Database Management

  • MongoDB MongoDB
  • SQLServer SQLServer

Last Project

The last finished project I have done. Small projects and tests will be in my Github if you are interested.

Marvel App

Responsive web application for a technical test in which was asked to collect data from the comics, characters and series of the official Marvel API. It is made with React with Typescript, where I store and manage the information received from the api in contexts and providers. For the styling part I used Sass.

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If you want to contact me for any work, questions, or just to chat, feel free to send me an email or a message to one of my social networks. I will be happy to answer you as soon as I can.

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